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MCSD passes new school calendar, teacher furlough days eliminated


Changes are on the way for students, teachers, and staff in Muscogee County. At their meeting Monday night, school board members voted to approve a traditional calendar that has no furlough days and no year-round school in Muscogee County.

The school district's budget is already being re-worked to fit the new demands.

After the school board voted to pass a new school calendar with no furlough days, Interim Superintendent John Phillips is now trying to figure out how to pay for it.

"We don't know at this point and time, specifically. We know in some areas that we could probably cut back in," said Phillips.

One of those proposed areas to "cut the fat" in the budget is by not hiring positions after faculty and staff in the district leaves them. Phillips says he's confident that there will be no snags in the already approved measure to end furlough days and go back to the traditional calendar.

"I believe if you start with the end in mind you can get there. When I came in here I was able to find money in the budget to get some of the days back this school year," Phillips said.  

The calendar is expected to have 180 days for students and 190 for teachers. No school is expected to have a year-round calendar.

The final piece of this puzzle will come in the summer when the Muscogee County School Board approves the fiscal budget for the next school year.

Phillips says that something very big would have to happen for the calendar to not be approved.

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