East AL law enforcement raise awareness about terrorist group

East AL law enforcement officials raise awareness about terrorist group Sovereign Citizens

(WTVM) - Law enforcement officers from all over east Alabama are learning how to recognize and protect themselves from domestic terrorists known as sovereign citizens.

Auburn Police Chief Tommy Dawson calls it the most powerful lecture he has ever attended because it's taught by a former police chief and a father who lost his son in the line of duty.

Former West Memphis police Chief Bob Paudert goes above and beyond to help protect his fellow officer, by reliving his son's murder at every seminar he teaches.

The retired chief plays dash cam video of the 2010 traffic stop that led to the deaths of his son Brandon and partner Bill Evans. You see suspect Jerry Kane attack Officer Evans as Kane's 16 year old son, Joe shoots both officers with an AK47. The Kane's drive off, leaving the men to die.

Video of a second gun fight shows two more officers being gravely injured, before the father and son cop killers are taken out by police.

The Kane's were members of Sovereign Citizens, an anti-government group that doesn't pay taxes, obey laws and has violent tendencies.

Chief Paudert says sovereigns were a known danger to the FBI, but the FBI failed to share that knowledge with other agencies.

"Now Brandon and Bill had never heard of sovereign citizens and I am convinced if they had this info I know teach these officers, they would be with us," said Chief Paudert.

The former chief has made it his mission to correct that mistake and teaches law enforcement how identify and safely contain sovereigns.

In a way, reliving his son's murder has become this father's work, in hopes other families will see their loved ones safe after each shift.

"I want them to go home to their husbands and their wives and their kids," Chief Paudert said. "Brandon left three beautiful kids and a wife, he left a mom and a dad that loved him."

Right now the FBI has said there are about 300,000 sovereigns in the United States, Chief Dawson believes the terrorist group does exist in east Alabama, and it's only getting stronger as the debate over gun control continues.

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