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Sister of Hurtsboro shooting victim speaks out


Shattered glass and crime scene tape mark the spot where 35-year-old Reginald Berry and his girlfriend 27-year-old Michelle Buchannon were found murdered on a dark road in Hurtsboro.

"Really devastating," said Reginald's sister Angela Berry. "There's really no words to describe the type of pain that you feel when you lose someone that close you; especially in that way."

The couple of two years were found with multiple gunshot wounds inside this gray Buick LaSabre. Berry's younger sister says she can't think of any reason why anyone would want to harm the pair.

"Reggie walks into a room and he will make you smile and laugh," she said. "It's the words that would come out his mouth. He would just bring a loving presence to the room." 

The family says their world is shattered like the glass left here at the crime scene. Investigators say this shooting could be in retaliation to another shooting that happened in Macon County.

"They had a shooting nearly four hours prior to our shooting and we think that they're connected," said Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor. "Their suspect in that case, is potentially our suspect as well."

Taylor says Macon County has issued a warrant for a man named Rayshon Ricks. Ironically, it was during the time Ricks was being questioned at the Sheriff's Department.

"The investigation so far has revealed that our victim was there during this incident and possibly made comments to the Sheriff's office," said Sheriff Taylor. "We do feel like he told them something. My question is, is this a situation where they're trying to alleviate any witnesses from the prior incident."

Thus far no warrants have been issued for the double murder.

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