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Marshal's office offer firearm training course

Suyapa Sanchez bought a gun not too long ago for security reasons. She wants to be able to protect herself if she just so happens to be put in a compromising situation.

"I think that everybody who owns a weapon needs to be responsible in knowing how to use it," Sanchez said. 

To get that training Sanchez enrolled in a firearms course put on by the Muscogee County Marshal's office.

"A lot of people have guns for years and never touched them and they don't do it because they are afraid so they come to this class and they find out its not as bad as they thought," Sanchez says.

The course spans three days. The first day focuses on gun laws and permits. The second day is hands more hands on showing students the parts of gun, how to properly clean the weapon, and shooting stances. The last day is spent on the range. 

Sanchez says having proper instruction can come in handy when you find yourself up against a wall. If you would like to sign up for these classes you can do so by going down to the Marshal's office in the Government Center.

There is a fee of $42 dollars for the course. The next session is expected to begin 

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