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City prepares for a weekend of flooding


Rushing water on the Chattahoochee River this afternoon is just the beginning of what is to come.

Forecasts are predicting significant downpours throughout the weekend. City Engineering manager Donna Newman says flooding of area creeks and the river will be heavily monitored.

"We have people that are on call to respond to flooding, the city has what is called a hotspot list where when we know we are going to have heavy rainfall they will go out and they will look at those sites," Newman said.

Most of those sites are places in low lying areas throughout the city and creeks. Lakebottom Park is known for frequent flooding when heavy down pours happen. Newman says that people should drive slow in these areas and proceed with caution.

"We just recommend if it looks like it's deep that you just avoid that location and go in a different route," Newman said. 

Last week the river rushed out of banks and onto the River Walk. This also happened a few years ago in 2009. Parts of the inner city even flooded because of heavy downpours. Newman says that the city of Columbus is designed to withstand heavy amounts of rain and with the held of workers monitoring the weather everyone will be safe.

"We go out and monitor sites and levels in the creeks and the river and that sort of thing so we can respond if necessary," Newman said.

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