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Police: Columbus woman strip searches and stabs her niece

charged: Matesha Searcy, 30 charged: Matesha Searcy, 30

 Police said a Columbus woman stabbed her niece in the face with a pair of scissors and the argument was allegedly over money.

 Both women were in court Saturday and the victim was able to testify in person despite having just been released from the hospital for stab wounds.  Doctors say if it was less than one inch closer to her eye, she may have received vision loss.  Police say the altercation began over misplaced money.

 The victim was accompanied to court by her mother and her friend, Sonya Phillips.

 "I mean, no amount of money could be worth it to stab your own niece," said Phillips.

The incident began last night when the two were on a shopping trip through Columbus.  Suddenly the victim's aunt,30-year-old, Matesha Searcy, noticed she was missing three hundred dollars.  She immediately accused her niece, but she insisted she didn't take it.

As the arresting officer recounted, Searcy didn't believe her and drove her niece to a Victory Crossing apartment where she performed an invasive strip search. The money was never found and Searcy's niece was now ready to go home.  As the victim attempted to leave the apartment, she says Searcy grabbed a pair of scissors and stabbed her in the face and back.  Before this incident, the victim says her niece has always been very nice to her. 

 "It's pretty messed up, seeing what the relationship was between the two, but things happen.  You never know why people go through what they go through," said Phillips. 

 After the stabbing, police say Searcy would not take her niece to the hospital, so she had to walk down a busy road with no sidewalks at night looking for help until someone called an ambulance.

 "She's alright.  She gets choked up just talking about the story now and then, but she'll be fine.  She's a silly person, so she just tries to laugh it off now and then," said Phillips

 Matesha Searcy was ordered to stay in jail unless she posts ten thousand dollars bond. 

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