How military budget cuts could affect Fort Benning

How military budget cuts could affect Ft. Benning

FORT BENNING, GA (WTVM) - Fort Benning is bracing for the possibility of some major budget cuts with sequestration just three days away.

The large, forced cuts could affect civilian workers right here at home..

People's paychecks are at stake with sequestration looming over the nation.  For starters, that's an $85 billion slice in a budget that affects the military and Headstart Elementary School.

At Fort Benning, 4,100 civilian employees could lose income with the possibility of 22 furlough days through the end of the fiscal year on September 30.

Even though nothing is final, Fort Benning held a town hall meeting Monday to put its Department of Defense workers at ease.

Public Information Officer Gary Jones released a statement saying there are a lot of "what if?" scenarios floating around. He also says Fort Benning is in a challenging fiscal environment, and that tough choices are being made in a deliberate and thoughtful manner to best support the future Army and Fort Benning's mission.

Even now, budget cuts dating back 20 years ago at the Charleston, SC navy base and shipyard closure are being compared to the sequester; 20,000 jobs were lost in that community.

Again, it's unclear how sequestration will affect Fort Benning but, we'll keep you posted.

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