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EXCLUSIVE: Neighbors want squatters out of vacant home in their neighborhood

For the past year and half, Linda Modern says she and her husband has lived at this family home on Laurel Drive.

Neighbors told us that this is in fact not their home but a vacant house that they have set up shop in.

"They are not supposed to be there but they are telling everybody that its their house but if it's their house they would have power, water, and everything else," Garcia said. 

When we showed up at the home Tuesday, Modern was confused and had no idea what we were talking about. 

"Look, I don't know. I can honestly tell you I've been here for going on two years but well over a year." 

After searching through housing records for Muscogee County we found that the owner of the home was listed as Ray Glass. Modern says the house is owned by her uncle who gave her permission to live there.

Rene Garcia, who lives on the same street, says this isn't true and that he talked to the home's real owner a couple of months ago and he had no idea that anyone was staying at the home.

"He said that he was going to have someone come by and check but like I said they are still there," Garcia said. 

But whether Modern has permission to stay there or not may be a moot point. Georgia law says that an individual who occupies a property but who is not the legal holder of the title may gain ownership of the property after 7 years if it is abandoned and neglected.

"It's his house he ought to be able to get them out of his house. I don't think that's fair at all," Garcia said. 

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