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Sequestration effects on Columbus Airport


Sequestration was the word of the day at Wednesday's airport commission meeting.  

Officials at the airport on Britt David Road in Columbus are discussing what it means to have their airport on the Federal Aviation Administration's list to have their air traffic control towers shut down.  

If these automatic budget cuts take place, some federal air towers will have to go.  If this happens, Columbus airport will become an "uncontrolled" airport, which the Airport Director, Mark Oropeza, tells us they are well equipped to do.  

He says they have safety measures in place to handle this change.  If they do lose their tower, they do not plan to shut down.  

The budget cuts could mean 10% fewer TSA agents on the job and fewer air traffic controllers.

In addition to Columbus, Albany and Dothan airports could see air traffic control stations closed due to the cuts. 

For a full list of potential tower closings, visit

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