Two designs presented for redevelopment of Toomer's Corner

Two designs presented for redevelopment of Toomer's Corner

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Designs for the redevelopment of Toomer's Corner were presented Wednesday at the final public workshop.

Over 10,000 members of the Auburn family responded to the online survey narrowing four design plans down to one.

Both plans retain the historical character of the corner, like the original 1917 entry gates, but have different touches to allow it to become a friendlier place to meet.

The first plan creates a space shaped by low brick seating making an area of gathering behind the gates.

The difference in the second plan is it does not create a singular and unique space on the other side of the existing gates.

The final decision between these two plans, or a combination of the two, will be made in the next month.

"The plan is that we'll announce the final redevelopment scheme for Toomer's Corner at A-Day, which is April 20th, and then following A-Day there will be a celebration of the corner," explains Dan King, AU's Assistant Vice President of Facilities.

For safety reasons the Toomer's oaks will probably be removed in the weeks following the A-Day game.

AU officials say the final project will likely not be completed until the fall of 2014. However, they have been in contact with the City of Auburn, trying to create a structure to roll for the 2013 football season.

If you would like to take a closer look at the two design plans, log onto and click the workshops tab.

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