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Squabble over squatters: City and property manager steps in


Greg Coates with the Muscogee County Inspections and Code Department told News Leader 9 that those who gain unfair access to another persons property can be prosecuted for breaking the law. 

Coates saw our report that aired Tuesday about a family living in home on Laurel Drive that neighbors and the owner says isn't theirs.

"Entering someone's property is trespassing if they haven't gotten the consent of the property owner or his or her agent its unlawful to do that," Coates said.  

Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson told us Wednesday that the city is looking into this specific incident. This afternoon we spoke to Tommy Christmas who says that he as been appointed by the home's owner Ray Glass as the property manager. 

"We would like to go through the court systems and correctly resolve the matter as far the people that are in the house because they are in there without a lease agreement." 

Coates says home owners can file papers with the courts to keep their home. Property Manager Tommy Christmas says that he's acting fast to get this family removed from the home before time runs out. 

"It kind of took me back that somebody would actually go on the property and take possession of it and act as thought it is there's when its not," Christmas said. 

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