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ETX city opens eleven restaurants in one year


One East Texas city is booming as local retail and restaurants are opening up.

The City of Lindale has seen multiple "opening soon" and "now hiring" signs pop up in just the last year.

Shelbie Glover with Lindale's Chamber of Commerce says with 11 restaurants opening up in just one year, this country town is turning into a city.

"I do think the strategic location is the huge point, I mean in business they say 'location, location, location,' and we have that," says Glover.

Lindale is the halfway point between Shreveport and Dallas and it's located right off Interstate 20.

"There's so much traffic on 69 and the interstate that the intersection of the two has really made for a lot of business opportunities," says Lindale resident Kyle Wells. 

National restaurant chains like IHOP are starting to come to the city.

"You know, the thing about IHOP is you can see that sign a mile away," mentions Glover,"People in business are wanting to follow where their customers are."

Glover says it's important for local residents to support the new businesses.

"When people shop local those tax dollars go back into improving the community whether it be in parks or street maintenance or patrol in community safety. All that money goes back into making a bigger, better community," says Glover.

This may just be the new trend. Glover says more restaurants and retail shops will be coming in the next year.

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