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One-way streets could be made into two way


After nearly 50 years, one-way streets could soon be swept away in Columbus.

A study that was recently conducted has the city considering doing away with one-way streets in Uptown Columbus.

The proposal could change 10th and 12th Streets to a double lane or two way street.  During a public forum held Thursday night, city leaders told those in attendance that by doing changing some one way streets to two way would make Uptown Columbus less congested when streets are closed for parades and other huge river events. 

"We have a public safety issue with getting people off the riverfront and front avenue that is a concern when we have street closures in the uptown area," Deputy City Manager David Arrington said. 

One-way streets first surfaced in Columbus in the 1960's. The recent study for uptown has revealed that with Whitewater expecting to bring more traffic the two way streets could be more attractive for  visitors

The next meeting on one-way street issues will be Thursday March 7 at 5:30 p.m.  

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