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Sheriff: Teenagers torture baby goat

Four West Point teenagers are in the Cullman County Juvenile Detention Center for torturing a baby goat.

The Sheriff's office said the kids stole the baby goat and filmed themselves torturing it.

Three of the accused are 14, one is 15. They were charged with two felonies - theft and animal cruelty.

"It's very alarming to watch the video and it's hard to imagine that people could be so cruel," said Chief Deputy Max Bartlett.

Deputies said the video shows them beating the baby goat and throwing it from a bridge. The 18-foot-drop didn't kill the goat instantly.

The animal laid in the water, suffering, until it finally drowned.

Deputies said the teens showed the video to friends at West Point High School, but the friends didn't think it was funny and reported it to school authorities.

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