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Collar family attorney reacts to grand jury's decision not to indict officer


The attorneys for the family of Gil Collar are reacting following a grand jury's decision not to charge a University of South Alabama campus police officer in the student's shooting death.

The jury reached a decision Friday and said surveillance video proved Officer Trevis Austin was justified in shooting Gil Collar.

Ben Locklar, an attorney with the Beasley Allen law firm which represents the Collar family, said the family and their counsel met with the Mobile District Attorney Ashley Rich who explained why there would not be an indictment.

Locklar said the decision was not surprising, and said the firm was not anticipating one. 

Locklar said he thinks the DA has done a good job on the case, but added the decision has no bearing on future plans, which include a civil case pending against both the police chief and the officer who shot Collar.

Attorneys say they still have a wrongful death suit filed against the chief and firing officer, and they're asking for monetary damages and injunctive relief. They want the University of South Alabama to provide officers with tasers and additional training.

In another major development, the Collar family's attorneys say they've determined the substance that was in the student's blood. It's a chemical/drug called 25I.

Attorneys say they had to send Collar's blood to 2 different labs to find out what the substance is.

The Mobile County district attorney says the substance is not on Alabama's list of controlled substances, so she doesn't have jurisdiction to bring charges against the supplier.

Police said collar was naked and banging on a window at a campus police station Oct. 6.

Austin investigated the sound and said Collar was acting erratically and lunged toward him.

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