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Nationwide movie released Friday with local ties and inspiring themes

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The Lost Medallion, a full-length feature film released nationwide Friday, has local ties in East Alabama.

The film was written and directed by filmmaker Bill Muir, who is also on staff at East Alabama Youth for Christ, a ministry that works with middle and high school students in the area.

Youth for Christ has teamed up with Lee County schools to share this movie with students ranging from second to seventh grade.

"We've had great cooperation from the school districts who want their kids to see this film. It does a nice job communicating the values of a child's life individually, regardless of the circumstances they find themselves in," explains Kevin Flannagan, Executive Director of East Alabama Youth for Christ.

The movie has been described as a combination between The Karate Kid and Indiana Jones, emphasizing positive character traits such as honesty, friendship and trust.

Youth for Christ is hoping children will be to challenged to lead better lives after seeing the film and discussing it's themes in a classroom setting.

"Without crossing that church-state line, it still presents the fact that there is a creator, a God who loves them and made them of value and purpose, but stays safely away from the issues that could cause any problems for the schools," says Flannagan.

Auburn families, like the Gentry's, viewed the film's premiere this afternoon and gave it two thumbs up.

"We loved it was awesome. We decided when it comes out on video that we want to get it because it was such an uplifting, touching movie."

East Alabama Youth for Christ is still in need of funds to underwrite the cost of introducing the film into Lee County School.

If you would like to participate, log on to

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