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Columbus man killed in shootout with police

Troy Kelley, 44, source: Facebook Troy Kelley, 44, source: Facebook

Trouble began at a home on Oates Avenue at 3 a.m. Wednesday morning.  A woman ran to her neighbor's house for help, because she said her husband was being abusive.

By the time officers arrived, the male suspect was dragging the woman away from the neighbors with one hand, and holding a rifle in the other.  As police were getting out of their patrol cars, the suspect let the woman go and aimed his rifle at the officers.  

"My wife had got up to take the dog out and she heard the shots, one right after the other.  And she said in about 10 or 15 minutes, there were police officers, ambulances, fire trucks, everything was all over the place here," said neighbor Ron Reagan.

Witnesses described it as one loud gunshot, followed by several quieter pistol rounds.

The suspect fired a single shot and police returned fire, striking him at least once in the torso.  The man was killed and the coroner identified him as 44-year-old Eulice Troy Kelly. Officials said he went by his middle name Troy. 

"This is a tragic situation.  I think it was handled properly by the Columbus Police department and the GBI.  Everyone concerned wishes the family well and wants us to keep them in their prayers," said Muscogee County Coroner Buddy Bryan.

No officers were injured and the woman escaped the incident with only scrapes and bruises.

Neighbors said the couple was married for three years but was separated and in the middle of a divorce with a documented history of abuse. Kelley was scheduled for a noon appearance on the same day of the shooting in front of Judge Peters regarding a prior family violence matter. 

Kelley did not live at the Oates Avenue address, and authorities are guessing his visit Wednesday morning was uninvited, based on the fact that he parked a block down the street rather than pulling in the driveway.  

A woman who lives next door said it's not the first time she's heard the couple arguing.

"I did hear them out in the yard, just talking and having a little trouble.  I went over there a few times to check on them, but they always let me know that I didn't need to get involved," said Shirley Hawthorne.

"I've never seen anything like this happen.  Never heard of it, not in my neighborhood, and it hurts.  I didn't want to believe it," said Helen Edwards.

Responding officers said Kelley and his wife were in their driveway when they arrived.  Kelley's wife was lying on the ground only feet from her husband when he was fatally shot. 

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is continuing to look into the matter.  Kelley's body is in Atlanta for an autopsy.

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