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WTVM 3/8/13 Editorial: Military budget cuts

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Within the last few weeks, hundreds of deployed Fort Benning troops have stepped foot back on American soil and into the arms of their loved ones. They're also returning to the grim reality of budget cuts.

Congress recently failed to prevent $85 billion in forced spending reductions, and our armed forces are one of the toughest-hit areas.

As families hold their relatives and spouses tightly, $46 billion in defense cuts loom. There will be a nine-percent reduction to every defense program.

Many worry about their paychecks, although the Department of Defense says pay and support to troops in Afghanistan are off-limits.

At Fort Benning, 4,100 civilian employees are expecting to see their income take a hit with the proposed 22 furlough days through the end of the fiscal year on September 30.

Fort Benning has held a town hall to put its department of defense workers at ease and pointed out tough choices are being made in a deliberate and thoughtful manner to best support the future Army and Fort Benning's mission.

The budget cuts start small but the longer they last, the greater the kind of damage.

Senators are warning of the repercussions of lack of training and the right equipment-putting many at danger.

We spoke with local, military families who are on edge but say this isn't the first time they've had a scare like this and they're bracing for whatever the government throws their way.

For now, they say they're not focused on cuts, budget issues, or furloughs…just family.

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