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Truckers steal $120K in diesel fuel after hours


Some truckers are stopping by the Gitty-UP-N-GO stores in Andalusia and McKenzie, stealing diesel fuel after the stores close. So far the truckers have stolen 6,500 gallons of fuel from the convenience store in Andalusia and more than 300 gallons in McKenzie.  

"This is one of the more brazen crimes I've seen," said Covington County Chief Deputy David Anderson.   Anderson says it appears the truckers are using a dummy card to get their fuel free of charge well after midnight.   "They somehow have been able to get access to the fuel with a dummy card device," Anderson said.  

Local investigators say this has been going on for 6 months and by their own admission they don't have any good leads.   No good leads even though the store cameras have snapped off still-photos of the trucks but the problem is you can't see the license tags on the big rigs. The owner of the two businesses declined an on-camera with WSFA 12 News.

We did notice signs have been put up at the pumps encouraging the public to help.   "You see many truckers filling up their tanks and it's a common practice so you wouldn't necessarily think anything is wrong," Anderson said.  

We're told the owner noticed the missing fuel after taking a recent inventory and has already taken steps to make sure it doesn't happen again.   It's estimated that in 6 months truckers drove away with around $120,000 in diesel fuel.  

Chief Deputy Anderson is encouraging you to call the Covington County dispatch line at 334-427-4911 if you see any suspicious activity at the two Gitty-UP-N-GO stores.

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