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Brush fire paints Harris County woman's yard completely black


It looks like the Addams family's front yard, but this is what happens when a burning pile of yard debris gets out of control.

You can see the difference between the grass in this yard compared to the lawn next door.  A woman was burning some branches on the side of the road when the wind spread it to the dry grass nearby.  Things quickly got out of control.  At one point, neighbors say the entire property was on fire.

"By that point it had just engulfed the front yard.  Really and truly, it's saved because of her neighbors-  her neighbors and the fire department.  The men pulled together and got out here and made sure to stop it before it reached the house," said Teresa Hummel.

Neighbors came from all over the street, connecting their own garden hoses to help contain the fire.

"It took just a few minutes from what we understand.  From what I heard from my husband, it was just seconds, or minutes, not anything long," said Cherina Williams.

"Well the wind is strong and it just took it, and you could see the flames from above the house," said Hummel.

 "When we got down there it was still at the road, but the second we got down there, it was so fast, and was kicking in.  It shot up and there was smoke everywhere.  The lady, Ms. Shirley, she was just trying to get the trees out of fire and I was carrying her off.  She kind of just fell over and collapsed and couldn't get up," said Brenden Diehl.

There was so much smoke in the air, that teenager who was helping the homeowner started to have trouble breathing himself.

"He was coughing from the smoke.  The smoke was just overwhelming.  And he was coughing a bit, so the fire department checked him out," said Hummel.

By coincidence, a couple who recently purchased the house from the current owner were surprised to see flames surrounding it.  But they were happy to see their new neighbors are ready to lend a hand at a moment's notice.

"We noticed that the yard was on fire, and it's one of the first times we've ever come by when it wasn't dark.  We just thought we'd stop by on the way to the grocery store.  As you see, hopefully the grass will be real green later on in the spring.  I understand there were about twenty people out here putting the fire out," said Jim Ward.

Thanks to the quick response of the fire department, and neighbors, the fire was put out in a matter of minutes. 

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