Military Matters: Transitioning to Civilian Life

Military Matters: Transitioning to Civilian Life

(WTVM) - It's well documented that the Army trains new recruits when they enter the service, but it may surprise you that soldiers are also given training as they plan to leave the military.

That's the reason dozens of men and women have gathered in a Ft. Benning, Ga. classroom.  They are here to check out their future employment options courtesy of ACAP, the Army's Career and Alumni Program.

"I like to capture them early because my goal is to prepare them for civilian life," says Eddie Perez, who serves as transition manager.

He adds that the preparation is different with every soldier.

"If they're not ready to transition they stay in the Army and get what they need to be marketable," Perez said.

Specialist Valerie Miller has given thirteen years of her life to the military. She's looking forward to the challenge on the outside.

"I'll probably be getting out in maybe nine months. I'm going to try to get into the National Guard", says Miller. "But in the meantime I'm going to still try to pursue some other type of job opportunities."

That's what Joseph Martin did five months ago and he's headed to a six-figure career with the East Alabama Medical Center.

"If I had not come through this program, I would have sold myself short as far as the types of salary I could make," Martin said.

The former combat medic has nothing but praise for transition services.

As does Eddie Perez, in spite of the fact that he's in charge.

"I'll see anybody that comes in here," Perez said. "If you serve, you deserve. You come here and we'll make sure we take care of you."

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