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Grandmother alleges bullying at J.D. Davis Elementary


One grandmother said she is afraid for her grandson's safety when he goes to school because he is the target of bullying. 

"They're depressed from kids picking on them, hitting them, beating them," said Mamie Carter.  "I just want the bullying to stop. I went through it, and I saw my daughter go through it.  I want it to stop with my grandkids. I don't think any child should have to go to school and be bullied."

When we asked the J.D. Davis second grader why he thought other children were picking on him, he said it's because they don't like the fact that he is a good student and doesn't normally get into trouble.

"They want us to be punished and be bad just like them, but we don't need to," said 8-year-old  Antonio Smith.

 His grandmother said there have been at least two incidents when her grandson has come home with bruises on his face.  The first one occurred on March 1 when he asked another second grader to switch seats and that child wouldn't let him.

 "He was sitting against the bus window and he wanted to sit where he could see his baby sisters," Carter said. "The boy didn't want him to get up.  He was just going to get up and go to an outer-aisle seat.  And he got up and put his knee inside him and just started beating him and pushed his head against the glass. The viciousness of it just bothers me.  The viciousness!  You push his head into the glass?  That's not a kid fight.  That's something else that I just don't like."

She said the school responded to that incident by suspending both children from the bus for a day.  Not only does Carter think her grandchild should not have been punished, she doesn't think the two boys should continue to ride the same bus.

"They think they got to punish me and the other person that's the bully," Smith said. "They think they've got to do that, but they don't need to. They need to get that stuff right."

Carter claims her grandson was attacked a second time less than a week later.  This time she said it was inside the school while students were going to breakfast.  According to Carter, school administrators said they could not suspend the other boy because no one saw him beat up her grandson.

The Muscogee County School District would not comment on this specific incident, but they have provided their policy regarding bullying in general.

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