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Dangerous bridge closed for reconstruction


The sound of tractors working on the Brown Avenue Bridge could be really annoying to someone living close to the construction, but for Ruby Hayes the sound is an answer to an age-old problem.

"It's a lot of noise but I just want them to get it did and get it through with," Hayes said. 

We spoke with Ruby Hayes a year ago when the construction was in the planning stages. She's lived in this home next to bridge for over 40 years and has wanted to see a new bridge replace the old one for some time. 

"It just looks so bad, and people come in the neighborhood and they look up there and all the wood has fallen down where they had the fence up at and the hill is washing down,"  she said.

Last year, debris from the bridge caused her to injure herself. She's hoping that the bridge will eliminate this problem.

Rick Jones with the City Planning Department says the new bridge will prove to be stronger and better than ever.

"The project has been ongoing for the past five years in terms of trying to deal with this issue. And making sure we had something that was safe and attractive at the same time for this area," Jones said. 

The project is expected to cost about $7 million and take about 2 years to complete. The old bridge had to be replaced because it couldn't support the weight of heavy vehicles like garbage and fire trucks.

"They can't come across that, they have to go way down Buena Vista Road and come up Andrews Road and you know that train is there sometimes," Hayes said. 

The new Brown Avenue Bridge is expected to be completed in April of 2015. 

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