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GBI probing school board after alleged threats

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The Georgia Bureau of Investigations has confirmed to News Leader 9 that the Muscogee County School District is part of a preliminary review by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation

John Bankhead with the GBI office in Atlanta tells us the Board is being investigated after receiving allegations that several members complained they received threats in regards to the Board's legal contract. The preliminary investigation was initiated by Columbus Police Chief Ricky Boren.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigations released the following statement:

"On March 4, Columbus Police Chief Ricky Boren asked the GBI to conduct an investigation based on information he received from certain members of the Muscogee County School Board regarding alleged threats relating to the board's legal contract. The GBI is conducting a preliminary review to determine if a full investigation is warranted. "

Several members of the Muscogee County School Board have recently reported that they have received harsh criticism and threats for not making decisions that others would like them to make Reports from the GBI says this is what prompted their questioning of board members, and all they had to do with district's attorney fees.

After looking into these alleged threats we did hear back from one board member; John Wells who told me over the phone today that he did received  what he called a surprising text from Columbus attorney Frank Myers that said he would take him out if the board didn't agree with the issues important to him. Wells says he didn't respond to the message.

We reached out to Frank Myers about these alleged text messages and Frank gave us a copy of the actual text message that read.

"Since I can't seem to get you to call me back, let me spell it out for you, If the school board is status quo on the issues important to me Tuesday night, I'm taking you out in 2014."

"As recently as last November John Wells promised that he was in favor of making a change with the school board's attorneys, when the vote was nearing John refused to return my calls and on January 19th of this year I sent a text message voicing my displeasure with his deception because he lied to me," Frank Myers said.

We spoke with at large school board member Cathy Williams this evening. She was questioned by agents this afternoon.

"It was a nice conversation with investigator who is clearly competent in what he does and I think its politics," Cathy Williams said.

Board chair Rob Varner told us that at this point it is not an investigation and that right they are only answering questions by the GBI.

Attorney Frank Myers says he hasn't been contacted by the GBI but says that he wasn't out of line by sending that message to an elected board member.

"It's a situation involving constitutionally protected political free speech that I directed at John Wells and he is a fellow who is a walking billboard for term limits and I'm thinking people are probably going to throw a parade for me when they find out that someone has finally stood up to that bully," Myers said.

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