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Tuesday marks 10 year anniversary of start of Iraq War


People throughout the country are preparing for a dayof reflection, as Tuesday marks the 10 year anniversary of the start of theIraq War.  On March 19, 2003 the UnitedStates led an invasion of Iraq with the goal of ridding it of weapons of massdestruction, going after extremists and replacing a dictatorship. 

Throughout the Valley, people are stillfeeling pain remembering those lost in the war since then.  We spoke with the floor manager at CommandoMilitary Supply in Columbus, Sean Robinson, who tells us he lost two of hisclose friends in the war.  He wears dogtags with their names on it every day in honor of them.  He tells us how hard it is for him to reflect,"Idon't like to really particularly think about it because of, you know, who I'velost in the war, but I still would like every other soldier, every otherperson, not just Army, but Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, everybody that wentoverseas that we appreciate what they did.  We honor and care for every soldierthat went overseas and all we want them to do is come back home." 

For many, ten years has not gone by fast andmany veterans and families are still dealing with the after-effects of combat.  If you would like to help our soldiers andtheir families, there are many non-profit organizations to choose from.  Hope for the Warriors is one of them, and youcan donate by clicking here

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