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Is out-of-control partying the new normal with social media?


The rape case in Stuebenville, Ohio where two teens were convicted for raping an allegedly drunken 16-year-old girl has gained national attention and is raising concerns locally.

Dr. Ronald King, therapist from the Pastoral Institute counseling center, said society has entered into a paradigm shift, when teen partying is taken to such a degree, videoed and shared on social media.

"I have a hunch that this kind of experiences happen all the time on college campuses but this time you had a video evidence of what had occurred and that's a shift," said King.

King also emphasized the importance of parents being good models for their children rather than just saying what they should or should not do.

"Part of your job as a parent is to know what your child is doing, to put your nose their business to ensure they make good choices," King said.

"An adolescent's brain is not mature enough to handle moderate amounts of alcohol much less huge amounts of alcohol…We do know that the male brain does not develop until age 26, so adolescence can be extended for a very long time. Alcohol can help us make even worse decisions"

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