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WTVM 3/18/13 Editorial: What’s next for the Majestic Sports Bar?

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It took years, but now many members of one community say they've finally come up with a victory.

Recently the Columbus City Council, led by Mayor Tomlinson, voted unanimously to revoke the liquor license of an establishment seen as a black eye on Cusseta Road.

The city says Majestic Sports Bar had been the site of years of city violations and criminal activity; most recently the fatal New Year's Day shooting that took the life of a promising college student. The council now says 'enough is enough.'

This all started with a community that bound together to put this on the council's radar…and keep it there. Residents in that neighborhood have been campaigning for years for the city to investigate the club, sometimes at the risk of their own safety.

Neighbors organized weekly demonstrations outside the property and have been threatened by people who wanted them to stop; but they didn't.

Each week, pastors, mothers, fathers, daughters and sons worked to bring this issue to the city's attention because they wanted to be active in saving their community and young people's lives because they cared so much about the vitality of their area.

The city's next step: Mayor Tomlinson says she will propose they take the building altogether, meaning it would belong to the taxpayers.

Residents say they're happy about the short-term victory, although it comes with heavy hearts because it took the murder of an educated, young man to bring about change and they wish their voices were heard sooner.

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