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Agents working to end illegal gambling trend


Six businesses in Columbus were all raided at the same time on Friday afternoon.

Members of the Columbus Police Vice Squad served search warrants and shut down illegal gambling operations all over the city. Three people were arrested and charged with commercial gambling. 

We went to the District Attorney's office to find out what exactly "commercial gambling" entails.

"There is only one kind of payout that would be okay is $5 or less of any in store merchandise so if they are playing one of these games and they are getting cash as a payout, that is illegal," said assistant district attorney Katie Morris.

Captain Gill Slouchik with Columbus Police Vice Squad says that they take their time to scope out wrong doers by sending undercover agents in to play the games. Last week 46 gaming machines were confiscated in the raid.

Morris told News Leader 9 that their office encourages patrons to pay close attention when they are playing these in store gaming machines.

"This is a growing trend, and it's something that unfortunately is a problem that continues to prevail as I said before Mrs. Slater is serious about this and that is why we will move forward with this and prosecute these cases," Morris said.

Captain Slouchik says that anyone keeping a gambling place can be arrested and charged. This includes owners of any place suspected of participating in illegal gambling and clerks who pay out cash rewards.

More charges and arrested are expected to come out of last week's gambling raid. 

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