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EXCLUSIVE: Suspected gunman's mother pleads for him to turn himself in


Two families once connected by love were at war after a dispute ended with two people shot and one fighting for their life.

The suspect's mother spoke exclusively with News Leader 9 and she pleaded for her son to turn himself in.  Jamel Johnson, 22, was accused of shooting his girlfriend's boyfriend 22-year-old Tyrecquiss Wells.

Jamel Johnson's mother, Torri Johnson, said he was simply protecting his sister from an abusive boyfriend.

Johnson said Jamel Johnson was outside the home that her daughter shared with Wells when he heard his little sister scream.  

Investigators have been aggressively searching for a Jamel Johnson for days.  Torri Johnson says she has no idea where he is.

"I don't know, but I do know he's scared. You have to turn yourself in. You have to speak you have to tell your side because he's not a violent child and I'm not just saying that because I'm his mother," said Johnson.

Johnson said her son Jamel Johnson simply panicked when he saw his 18 year-old sister barely breathing and her boyfriend's hands clasped around her neck.

"My son came in pleading with him, just let my sister go! Just let my sister go," said Johnson.

It happened inside a home on Valencia Drive that the teen girl only known as "Nene" shared with Wells known by many as "Shay Shay".

"He can become very violent and enraged and it can become uncontrollable," Johnson said.

Johnson explained the years of abuse came to a head Tuesday afternoon.

"I know that "Shay Shay" had a gun in his pocket- they started to fight. They struggled over the gun. Gunshot rang out," Johnson replied.

Wells was shot in the chest and "Nene" in the ear.  Jamel Johnson reportedly dropped the 9 millimeter hand gun and ran off.

"Wherever you are Jamel, I love you. I know that you were protecting your sister and the truth will set you free," Johnson sobbed.

Tyrecquiss Wells is currently listed in unsatisfactory condition in a Macon hospital.

Jamel Johnson's being charged with aggravated assault for shooting wells and reckless conduct for shooting a gun inside an occupied home.

More details will be added to this story as they develope.

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