AU Dept. of Public Safety share tips to stay safe

AU Dept. of Public Safety share tips to stay safe

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Do you know what to do when faced with sexual assault?

Following a recent attack on Auburn University's campus, police say the suspect could have scratches on his face because the victim defended herself and fought back.

AU's Department of Public Safety shared tips on what to do if you were ever caught in a similar situation.

The Department of Public Safety along with the Lee County Sheriff's Office sponsor a class called RAD, Rape, Aggression, Defense, whose mission is to create a safer future for woman.

"It gives you techniques to use to defend yourself physically from an attacker, but gives you a lot of tips to use to keep yourself from getting in that position in the first place," explains Lyn Littleton of AU's Public Safety Department.

If you are attacked use your voice to yell words like no, get back and leave me alone. This will keep you moving and breathing. Yelling loudly will also alert those around you.

"When you hear yourself use those words, you're telling someone to leave you alone, it really gives you more self confidence and it builds your confidence as you're fighting off an intruder," says Littleton.

When fighting back, aim for tender areas like the throat, forearm, groin, and eyes. These are easy targets that will catch the attacker of guard.

"If you do happen to fall down in an attack one of the things we tell you is to keep moving at all times. Keep your legs and arms moving while you're down on the ground and be familiar where you are on the ground so you can make an escape route to an exit point," Explains Lt. Keith Walton of AU's Public Safety Department.

To avoid ever having to use these techniques, always be aware of your surroundings. Strength is in numbers so never walk alone at night and always have your cell phone handy to call 9-1-1.

"Never think it couldn't happen to you. It could happen to anyone at anytime," says Walton.

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