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2nd diversity conference held at CSU


Students at Columbus State University and people throughout the community were all ears Friday when the second diversity conference focusing on poverty in the region was held at CSU.

It is sponsored by the mayor's commission on unity, diversity and prosperity and the Columbus Chamber of Commerce.

Phenix City Mayor Eddie Lowe was the keynote speaker, and explained why we need to keep issues like these on the forefront.

"We just have to keep doing it because the diversity, building unity and being prosperous, like I said, you will never be prosperous until you do those first two, build unity and have a diverse group doing it because everybody these days brings something to the table," Mayor Lowe said.

Lowe said in order to do these things, we have to talk about them and make our community aware of the issues it faces.

He continued to say diversity is the most important thing you can have to build unity -- and once we build unity, we will have prosperity which will do great things for our area.

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