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Parents wait in long lines to register kids for Pineridge Elementary


Some parents in Harris County are catching up on their sleep after spending all night camped out at Pine Ridge Elementary.

They faced the near freezing temperatures just to be able to make sure their child has a spot in the school's pre-k program. Registration was Tuesday morning at 8:30.

We caught up with one parent, William Willett, who had been waiting since 3 p.m. Monday.

He told us his 4-year-old is excited to go to school, and why he is excited for his son to go to this particular school.

"Oh he's going to be excited, I actually went to elementary school here, so did his mother, so for him to spend that time here, as well, from pre-k to the fourth grade - is going to be an excellent opportunity," said Willett.

Having enough slots for new pre-k students is an on-going problem in Harris County and may continue to be.

Help came for parents in 2011 when class sizes rose to 22, and days in school dropped to 160.

But Governor Deal's 2014 budget is proposing to increase the school year back to 180 days, and there are discussions of decreasing class sizes as well.

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