Phenix City residents react to paying extra sales tax

Phenix City residents react to paying extra sales tax

Every time a cash register opens for a purchase in Phenix City, the pennies add up. Even though the sales tax went from 8.00% to 8.75% more than a year ago--residents like Wayne Williamson are just now noticing the change.

"I went to McDonald's to get the dollar tea and when I drove up to the window, she said $2.00 and I said why is it $2.17 rather than $2.16 and she didn't know why," Williamson said.

Williamson said he didn't know why either until News Leader 9's Roslyn Giles asked for his opinion Tuesday about the tax hike.

"If it's for something good in the city I'm all for it," he said once he found out.

Finance Director Stephen Smith says that's exactly what the extra three and a half million dollars a year will be used for.

"Capital improvements throughout the city which enables us to provide better services throughout the city," Smith said. "Some additional city services and we've hired some additional service workers to help with the maintenance on the streets."

Some of the projects are already in the works like the $2.5 million community center at Idle Hour Park and a new sports complex and youth center to the tune of $3.5 million in south Phenix City on 5th Avenue.

Owners of A&K Thrift Mall on Highway 280 also said while they've heard customers complain about paying more in taxes, they see the money being put to good use.

"We see the city streets being paved and improvements. So maybe when tourism season rolls around tourist will see the improvements."

For the most part, most residents said they were okay with the tax increase since it's going to improve their community.

Here is the sales tax breakdown:

PHENIX CITY------3.75%

ALABAMA---------- 4.00 %

RUSSELL CO.-----1.00%

TOTAL--------------- 8.75 %

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