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Columbus' Jewish community celebrates their heritage with the Passover seder meal


The Shearith Israel Synagogue held their Passover dinner celebration called the Seder meal on Tuesday night.   

Their event was one of countless Seder meals across the nation as the Jewish community celebrated their heritage with one of the oldest traditions known to humanity.  Passover dates back to Moses leading the Hebrews out of slavery in Egypt.    

"It's like Thanksgiving for the Jewish people, where we have the opportunity to sit at the seder table and reconnect with each other and again tell the story of our people so future generations will continue telling the same story," said Rabbi Brian Glusman.  

There are 5-6 items on the plate:

  • Marror: two types of bitter herbs that represent the bitterness and harshness of the slavery
  • Charoset: fruits and nuts that represent the mortar used by the slaves to build
  • Karpas: vegetable, usually parsley
  • Zeroa: a roasted lamb or goat bone to symbolize Pesach sacrifice
  • Beitzah: a hard boiled egg to symbolize the festival sacrifice that was offered to the temple and a part of their meal

 On the seder plate, greenery represents the cycle of life, bitter herbs symbolize the bitterness of the Jews in slavery, matzo bread represents their affliction, and the mixture of nuts and sweets symbolizes that their ancestors' painful hard work ended with sweet redemption. 

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