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TIME: Chicken sellers facing new dilemma

(Source: Pat Lacroix / Getty Images) (Source: Pat Lacroix / Getty Images)

There's a new issue reportedly facing chicken wing sellers and it's not the alleged shortage that was the buzz around the Super Bowl.

The chickens are getting bigger and bigger chickens means more meat per wing provided by restaurants and wholesale suppliers, according to TIME Magazine.

The article goes on to say, bigger birds, which have been produced by years of breeding improvements, are great for businesses that sell chicken breasts and thighs by the pound. Wings, on the other hand, are generally sold to consumers not per pound but per unit. As the amount of meat per unit has increased, so have prices. A rise in demand due to the popularity of chicken wings among diners, as well as a hike in feed prices due to last summer's drought, have also pushed up per-wing prices.

This could cause an increased price at restaurants and the grocery store. It could also change how wings are listed and sold at restaurants.

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