AU Police warn of area scammers

AU Police warn of area scammers

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - With springtime temperatures fast approaching and homeowners planning house projects, it is the season to be especially wary about scammers prowling area neighborhoods.

"We don't want our citizens being taken advantage of," explains Captain Tom Stofer of the Auburn Police Division. "There are plenty of people out there now that are willing to do that to you and so the way that we can help is getting that information to us rapidly."

The Auburn Police Division has received several recent complaints regarding solicitors operating without a business license and using questionable tactics.

Door-to-door solicitations for items relating to lawn maintenance, magazines, or offering to pave driveways are some of the latest scams in the area.

"If someone does come to your door, make sure that you take note of what they look like, what kind of car they're driving, get a tag number, things of that natures so when we respond to the area we can help try and find those people," says Capt. Stofer.

Law enforcement warns these scammers target the elderly as well as young people, so asking the right questions is vitally important.

"We have a lot of elderly citizens and a lot of younger college age students in Auburn so we're looking out for them and certainly they can help us by making us aware of situations that are going on."

In order for these salesmen to go to door offering a product or service, they must have a city issued business license.

If this or any type of self identification cannot be presented to you, this is a red flag for a potential scammer.

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