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Parents moved inside for Harris County Pre-K lines


Many parents in Harris County are braving the cold weather at Park Elementary School to ensure that their children have a spot in the Pre-Kindergarten program for the upcoming year.

Everyone wants to be number 1, especially in this line at Park Elementary School. Gloria Huling took that number Wednesday, being the first to make sure that her now 3 year-old daughter will have a shot at a good education.

"I really want her to be in school, she needs to be in school," Huling said.  

Huling was one of over 20 people in line at the school this evening to sign their children up for limited spaces in the state Pre-K program. That program has seen significant cuts over the past three years. 

The state had to cut school days from the program just to meet budget. It's typically funded by the Georgia Lottery but that money isn't enough, hence the limited spaces and long lines.

"I have a son who is now 14. He went here and back when he was registering for Pre-K we didn't have this problem." 

Kawanna Pruitt is line for her young daughter. She says the cuts have changed things now but the wait is all worth it if it means a good education for her daughter. 

"She is really excited about starting school and and I would just really hate for her to miss this opportunity It's limited spot so I just want to ensure that I'm here to claim one." 

This year Kawanna and all the parents are waiting to claim those spots inside the school rather than outside. Because of freezing temperatures the waiting line has been moved to the gym for the 8 a.m. sign up. 

Gloria, who holds the number one spot, says that even if she had to stand outside she would do it for the benefit of her daughter. 

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