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Delivery drivers robbed of everything, including car


The China Wok on North Lumpkin Road in Columbus sends two delivery drivers together for late night orders in high risk neighborhoods, but it wasn't enough to stop several armed robbers from taking the food, the cash, the car, and everything inside of it.

They pulled into the parking lot an apartment building at 3215 Fifth Avenue at about 9:30 p.m. Wednesday and saw a man outside waving them down. But what they didn't know is that two other men were hiding in the bushes nearby.  The man appeared to be reaching for his wallet, but as they handed him the food, he pulled out a gun.  Other men surrounded the car from behind and they had guns too.

"They ordered food, but they didn't want the food, I guess.  I'm assuming that they wanted the car and the money.  So my thoughts were:  just don't hurt us and can you please just let us go.  Take everything.  We don't have a phone, we don't have anything. We left it all in the car.  Just take the car and let us go.  From there I was just hoping that they didn't shoot," said driver Justin Savoid.

The two delivery workers ran to a fence in the back of the parking lot and escaped by jumping over to Fourth Avenue.

"After we jumped over the gate, we ducked down because there was a car coming and we didn't know if it was our car, so they couldn't see us. After that point, we knocked on a neighbor's door, we knocked at the second neighbor's door, they answered but didn't have a phone. The third person, we knocked at his door, he opened it and called the police for us," said Danielle Love.

The police report states a laptop and DVDs worth at total of $4,000 were also inside the car.

"Everything is just like a blur to me now because of how everything went down," said Love.

"I was just thankful to God that we got out of there alive," said Savoid.

Police were able to recover the license plate of the vehicle, but the rest of it is still missing.  It's a purple 2-door 2000 Chrysler Sebring convertible with no hubcaps.  Without that car, those employees are also out of a job.

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