The tradition will continue at Toomer's Corner

The tradition will continue at Toomer's Corner

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - The beloved Toomer's oaks are coming down April 23, but that's not the end of the age-old tradition.

City of Auburn officials have found a temporary solution to allow rolling until new trees grow and mature.

"We're putting in three different poles. We're putting one in the middle the median and then two on the northern corners. So we'll really create a "V" in the intersection," explains Public Works Director, Jeff Ramsey.

This method mimics that were done in the past and does not cost the city much to create.

Construction of the poles and wires are set to take place this summer when traffic is minimal.

"We're probably going to be spending less than $15,000 for this project so it's really a pretty inexpensive way of solving this problem," says Ramsey.

The Downtown Merchants Association and AU have come up with a way not only to commemorate the tradition, but to support Auburn University Scholarships.

Later this week decorative rolls of toilet paper will be available for purchase to the public in stores and online.

"We've been working on it for a couple of weeks and it should be sold at 20 to 25 retailers downtown and online and the cost will be five dollars," explains store owner, Eric Stamp.

Proceeds will be split between the Downtown Merchants Association and AU's general scholarship fund.

"This roll is not to be opened and thrown on the tree. This one is to keep on a bookshelf or some other sort of place like that," says Stamp.

City officials believe the temporary structures will be used for at least two years before the new trees are ready to roll.

The permanent plans for Toomer's Corner will be revealed at the A-Day game on April 20, followed by the celebration at the corner.

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