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Red light cameras bill clears committee


A bill approved by the Montgomery County Legislation Committee would require more signage warning about red light cameras in the City of Montgomery, but the Mayor and the Montgomery Police Department objected.

Representative Alvin Holmes contends the current signage does not follow the law and does not clearly state a driver is approaching an intersection with a red light camera.

"I voted for the red light cameras and I have no objection to it," Rep. Holmes said. "But the language on the signs is not what the statute should be on the signs."

The current law states that the city must post a minimum of 10 signs on roadways leading into Montgomery that say: "Automated cameras used in red light enforcement."

Holmes' bill would require signage with that wording at all roadway entrances and intersections with red light cameras.  The city said the bill would be redundant.

"We ought to give people notification that there is camera enforcement that's what the bill that's in existence today that's what the bill that passed does as well," said Mayor Todd Strange.

The bill passed the committee with a favorable report and now goes to the full House and Senate for consideration.

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