30 people issued arrest warrants in multi-county drug bust

30 people issued arrest warrants in multi-county drug bust

(WTVM) - Sheriff's officials from Sumter, Lee and Taylor counties are working to take down a multi-county drug trafficking network.

Arrest warrants have been issued for at least 30 people. More than 50 law enforcement officials from over ten different agencies gathered in Sumter County on Monday to begin executing these warrants.

Officials tell News Leader 9 the investigation is expected to continue for at least a month -- and more arrests are to come.

"We've all tried to combat this stuff for so long and we get so frustrated with it because so many of these guys won't stay arrested," said Sumter Co. Sheriff Pete Smith. "They don't spend but just a little time in jail, and they're back out on the street doing the same thing that they were doing before they were arrested so hopefully this is going to put a dent in a lot of them."

He continued to say he feels confident with their cases and believe they will find every suspect.

They have worked non-stop for months to make sure that all warrants were taken properly.

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