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Evangelist Church funds immigration reform radio ads

So far, the radio commercials are playing in five states identified as key battlegrounds in the debate on immigration policy in America.  They're designed to change the minds of Christians who traditionally hold conservative political views.

A portion of the South Carolina ad pleads, "Many of our neighbors came here seeking opportunity, but our dysfunctional immigration system breaks up families across the U.S."

In this commercial, the Reverend Jim Goodroe urges people to sign an immigration reform petition by sending a text message,

"So please join a growing movement of Christians, asking political leaders for immigration solutions rooted in biblical values."

It's an issue that not only has voters across the country divided, it also has church leaders debating whether it's their place to get involved.

"My opinion is that policy will be determined by the Senate and the House, but not by the church house," said Dennis Lacy, lead pastor of North Highland Church in Columbus.

Lacy says he doesn't check green cards at the door and welcomes all people to worship with him, but he's not about to put the church's money into shaping the minds of voters.

"We here at North Highland Church have not brought those political footballs into the pulpit because we respect the diversity of opinions on the subject," said Lacy 

ABC News reports the national church's campaign may be motivated by an increasing representation of Hispanics within their congregations.  A recent poll shows Evangelical is the second-most popular religion among Hispanic people behind only Catholicism.

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