GA teen dies during beauty pageant

GA teen dies during beauty pageant

A Georgia teen is dead following a collapse at a beauty pageant.

Paine College in Augusta released an email Thursday sharing their sympathy for the death of 17-year-old Fredricia Rouse.

Officials say Rouse was a member of the Paine College Upward Bound Program and fell ill during an activity there at the college.

She was transported to Georgia Regents and passed away Wednesday.

A friend of Rouse says she can't believe her best friend is gone.

"Now I'm like, what am I going to do for Spring Break? What am I going to do for graduation? Who am I going to graduate with?" said Tashun Livingston. "What am I going to do for my senior trip and all that. Like, we had plans for Spring Break and that's next week, and now, I don't have any plans with anybody because my best friend is gone."

There is no word yet on what caused her death. An autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday April 9.

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