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Teen advocacy group: "The morning after pill could promote incest."


A new ruling handed down Fridaywill allow anyone,no matter the age, to buy the morning after pill without a prescription, over-the-counter. There have been mixedreactions across the board.

For some, it can bedisturbing to know a pre-teen can buy a contraception pill along with a bag ofskittles; however, Brooklyn Judge Edward Korman said they have that right.

"I disagree with hisdecision. I don't think it's a good thing for society and definitely for ourteenage community," Teens Empowerment Awareness with Resolutions Program Director MarieSlayton said.

TEARS provides support andguidance to both male and female teens all over the Valley. "What we do isprevention education, mentoring, and counseling; including substance abuse counselingas well as sexual abuse," Slayton said.

"I think it's a bad thing for our community because right now our communities are dealing with and almost overwhelmed with more teen issues than we have advocacy groups," Lesa Bunkley B.R.I.D.G.E.S Program Director

Program Director MarieSlayton said thousands of teens seek their help, many dealing with sexualabuse.  Slaytor explained the massavailability of the morning after pill could end up in the wrong hands.

"[Hypothetically] letsays the father is molesting his daughter or step daughter. [he] could simplysay] well, take the pill; now you don't have to worry about that anymore,"Slaytor said. "Now he can continue to molest and possibly not get caught. Theycan force the child, who's under your roof to take the pill".

A ruling in 2011 requiredall girls under the age of 17 to have a prescription.

Director of TEARS' shelterfor girls "Building Responsible Individuals through Deliberate Guidance,Empowerment and Support" Lesa Bunkley said she's fearful the availability toall ages will promote promiscuity; however, she does agree the morning afterpill can be suitable for some.

"I think [the pillis] good when you are older, more mature, and more responsible. But, as an over-the-countermedication, it's not regulated to maturity."

According to JudgeKorman's order the morning after pill will be on all shelves by early May.

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