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Columbus baby receives first-degree burns, mother arrested


A woman went to police claiming someone burned her baby with a cigarette, but after an investigation, police decided she is the one who needs to be arrested. 

Dashondra Johnson told police this incident occurred at her apartment on Holly Avenue, but police were skeptical of her story because she waited more than a week to report it to them.  Neighbors who live in her apartment complex say they can't understand what would take so long.

"If somebody hurt my child, I would know, and I'm going to report against it.  Not only am I going to report it, I'm going to be sitting in jail right with them.  Not only am I going to report it, I'm going to be sitting in jail right with them, for battery and assault," said a neighbor who did not wish to be identified.

Authorities were also wondering why she didn't immediately seek medical treatment for the child's injury, listed in the official documents as a first degree burn. 

Johnson's ex-boyfriend read an online news report stating she originally accused him of burning her baby, but he has a different explanation.

"The woman's trying to cover up for her own family.  But she gets mad because we break up and you're going to tell a lie on me, trying to put me in jail, but the devil would never prevail.  I'm free," said Aaron Harp.

He says he doesn't know exactly how the baby received her burns, but it's clear to him that she is indirectly responsible.

"The same night she was supposed to be babysat by her mom, her mom and her boyfriend took me and Dashondra to the club.  So where's the baby?  Who's holding the baby?  Her children.  A 13-year-old, an 11-year-old, who stay at their house and she makes phone calls to them, telling them, 'Don't open the door for anybody,' said Harp.

According to neighbors, the 22-month-old girl is currently in the custody of Johnson's mother.  The baby's injuries are not considered life-threatening.

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