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Accident victims chase fleeing driver, hold him for police after 6 crashes


Police said the driver was involved in at least six accidents in the Lakebottom area and lost a side view mirror on a telephone pole. 

In addition to hitting parked cars at four different locations, the driver of a green Chevrolet S10 pick-up truck ran several other cars off the road in an effort to flee those scenes. Police say the driver also hit telephone poles at the corner of Leonard Street and Forest Avenue.  Witnesses say all of these incidents happened within the span of about 30 minutes Saturday afternoon.   

Louis Hicks says he had to jump out of the way before the driver hit the back of his truck parked on Slade Drive. Hicks and two other witnesses followed the driver on a chase that took them all over Columbus.   

"I was following him, and the dude with me, he was calling the police and I was driving, so that's how we got him," said Hicks. 

The victim's neighbor, Bobby Herring, was in the passenger seat during the chase and saw two females jump out of the green pick-up truck while it was moving at a high rate of speed past Slade Drive and 18th Avenue.  It appeared to him like they wanted out of the vehicle whether it was stopping or not.  The driver was ignoring red lights and other rules of the road, but they still tracked him down by the tire marks he kept leaving behind. 

The chase finally ended when a third person following the suspect rammed him at the intersection of Miller and Macon Roads, bringing the fleeing truck to a stop. 

"That's when Louis and I pulled up.  I just reached through the passenger window, gave him a good jab, yanked his key out of the car, and told him to stop.  I told him, 'it's over man, Chalk this up as a loss.  You're fixing to kill somebody.  You've almost already killed ten people.  Just stop here," said Herring. 

Police arrived shortly afterward and arrested the driver, 27-year-old Brent Helms, charging him with a multitude of offenses, including driving under the influence of hydrocodone. 

Helms told police he's staying at an address on Tip Top Drive, but with four cars in the driveway, we received no answer at the door.

The two girls who jumped out of the truck were taken to a hospital by ambulance from the intersection where they landed.  Megan Moyer said she and Helm's girlfriend, Caitlin Macheski, pleaded with him to let them out but he wouldn't stop. 

Moyer said when they first got into the truck with Helms, he seemed to be fine, but as the drive continued, Helms started to swerve in and out of lanes and eventually hit several objects and cars.

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