Murder suspect's attorney claims he is incompetent to stand trial

Defense attorney claims murder suspect is incompetent to stand trial
Judge Allen's courtroom
Judge Allen's courtroom

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The trial of 3 murder suspects accused in the Columbus September, 2010 shooting death of Brian Brown at the Johnston Mill Lofts apartments has been continued until Tuesday.

The court is allowing Daniel Wright's attorney some time to have him re-evaluated by Psychologist Katherine Boyer of West Central Georgia Mental Health facility.

Wright's lawyer, William Kirby, entered a motion to have the trial continued based on his opinion that Wright is incompetent to stand trial and cannot assist in his own defense. Kirby told the court his client has been non responsive to his questions, even to the point of refusing to see him while in jail.

Kirby acknowledged his client has stopped taking prescribed medications for Schizophrenia, a mental condition in which Kirby says Dr. Boyer diagnosed Wright since being arrested for the crime. Judge John Allen responded by saying the trial will go on because Wright cannot refuse to take his meds to make himself incompetent to stand trial.

Allen also add a separate jury will likely hear the arguments on Wright's mental capacity to stand trial. A second jury will then be seated for the murder case.

Wright,33, Cordiary Bell and Gustavious Perry are accused of shooting through the door of Brown's apartment door, a known drug dealer, according to police.

The trio allegedly cased out the area the day before the shooting and returned the next day to rob Brown. They reportedly knocked at Brown's door and asked him for money. When Brown closed the door, he was hit in the head with a bullet. The gunshot was fired through the door. Brown was one of four people to get killed during the Labor Day weekend that year.

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