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MCSB removes corporal punishment from schools, wants to beef up security


As President Obama pushes for more gun control to protect students in the wake of recent shootings, the Muscogee County School Board took steps to make Columbus schools safer. 

The new security plan "LATER": Lockdown…Alert...Take action...Evacuate if possible...Resist as a last resort, was presented to the school board during Monday night's meeting.

The idea is to have every school in Muscogee County equipped with a "panic" button that if pressed would alert the school district within 20 seconds, who would then contact police.

The specifics of the short-term plan include:

    -Installing the panic button into three pilot schools.
    -Two employees at every school would receive safety training.
    -All principals would be trained with simulation exercises.
    -Each school will get a plan of action to follow depending on the type of threat.
    -Practice drills would begin in October. 

    "[Everyone] jumped on this, gave lots of time, worked together, divided into subgroups and put lots of time in on this plan," MCSD chief administrative assistant Gary Gibson said.

    Gibson was unable to tell us how much the plan would cost the system. He said the cost could change year to year.

    The board will vote on the plan at the April 22 meeting.

    If approved, the plan will be implemented over the next five years.

    In other issues, the board has voted to officially remove corporal punishment from all schools.

    Previously, Muscogee County allowed administrators to decide whether or not to spank students as a form of discipline.

    The school board will vote on the new handbook at the April 22 meeting as well.

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