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WTVM 4/8/13 Editorial: Segregated proms in Georgia

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Wilcox County, Georgia high school officials say they have never hosted a school-sponsored prom.

In recent history, there have been two private parties that have been referred to as their "proms" by two different groups of students.

The Wilcox County Board of Education says when they were approached about an integrated "prom," they not only applauded their idea, but also passed a resolution advocating that all activities involving their students be inclusive and non-discriminatory.

The fact remains that they would not ban segregated proms and caring students have had to take the initiative to create a non-discriminatory prom in Wilcox County.

Why won't city and school officials intervene and stop the craziness? We are one country, one society and separatism is no longer acceptable.

Wilcox County is 36 percent African American and all its citizens should be treated equally.

Once again, a small racially-biased minority gets to extend the negative racial image of the South.

Come on folks, let's get over the past and get on with doing the right thing.

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