Community reacts to new women's health law

Community reacts to new women's health law

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Governor Robert Bentley signed the Women's Health and Safety Act on Tuesday, a measure said to improve and strengthen the standards of care at women's clinics in Alabama.

The signing of the Woman's Health and Safety Act has the both sides of the abortion debate mobilized.

The new law requires abortion clinics to use doctors who have approval to admit patients to hospitals in the same city, and clinics will now be held to the same standards as all ambulatory care centers. Higher building standards will also be required.

Alabama Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard believes this is a step in the right direction protecting the health of woman and rights of the unborn.

"Since the U.S. Supreme Court unfortunately allows abortion to remain legal, this law is imperative to ensure that the procedure is performed in the most safe and healthy environment possible," explains Hubbard

Simultaneously, Students for Life, an organization on Auburn University's campus with no religious or political ties, is hosting Pro-Life week.

A graphic exhibit of pictures is displayed on campus to raise awareness about abortions.

"My main goal is not to make anything illegal because that's not going to change the minds and the hearts of America," explains Gwen Bear, President of AU's Students for Life. "My main goal is to really show the nation and the country what is going on in our communities."

Protesters to the exhibit say the bill's goal is to shut down clinics in the state. However, Bear is pleased to hear the act was signed this morning.

"As an Alabama native I'm very pleased and excited that our health is something being discussed and financially being treated."

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